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Fablab Lisbon

Films - 08/20/2014

How can we foster urban regeneration using a “fablab”? La Fabrique de la Cité (The City Factory) highlights an initiative in Lisbon that encourages cooperation among the city’s various stakeholders: Fablab Lisboa.

What tools can we use to optimise the city?

Events - from 02 July to 4 July 2014

La Fabrique de la Cité has decided to hold this year's international seminar in Lisbon, a city hit hard by the crisis but which is nevertheless finding new sources of innovation and development.

Urban data impact on daily mobility

Events - 10 June 2014

Presentations and discussion regarding the study conducted by La Fabrique de la Cité (The City Factory) in collaboration with students from the Master Stratégies Territoriales et Urbaines (territorial and urban strategies) graduate studies program at Sciences Po. The study deals with the issue of making public data available for cities and, more specifically, the impact of urban data on daily mobility. Focus on the city of Rennes, in France with stakeholders accounts as Keolis Rennes and the urban community of Rennes and an international focus on Helisinki with a speech of Asta Manninen, City Urban Facts Helsinki Manager.


How to create value in cities, for cities?

Today, more than ever, economic dynamism resides in cities. More than 60% of the global GDP comes from the activity of only 600 cities in the world. And it’s not just megalopolises with millions of residents.


Lisbon: invest in regeneration

From 2 to 4 July, La Fabrique de la Cité/The City Factory held an international seminar in Lisbon. On the agenda was the issue of optimisation or how to regenerate and transform a city in spite of its financial, social and environmental constraints.

Seen on the web

09/30/2014 ArchDaily
New Details Released of Norman Foster and Fernando Romero’s Designs for Mexico City’s New Airport
Yesterday, a consortium led by Foster + Partners and Fernando Romero of FR-EE were announced as the winners of the competition for the design of Mexico City‘s new international airport. Designed in conjunction with a masterplan developed by Arup, the project's ambition is to be the world’s most sustainable airport.
09/30/2014 BBC News
Building cities of the future now
Projects of smart cities built from scratch unfold while those we have lived in for centuries are being upgraded for the future.
09/30/2014 BloombergBusinessWeek
A building designed to eat smog
Mexico City - The Manuel Gea González Hospital has installed a decorative, white facade that’s not only beautiful, it’s also made from a sophisticated new material that helps purify the air. The project, funded by Mexico’s Ministry of Health, is part of a three-year, $20 billion investment into the country’s health infrastructure.
Five Cities Selected As Winners in Bloomberg Philanthropies 2014 Mayors Challenge
The 2014 Mayors Challenge is an ideas competition for European cities – a chance to win funding for a bold new solution to a major urban challenge. It exists to bring powerful new ideas to life – not only to help your own city, but to encourage others to adopt creative approaches as well.
08/14/2014 This Big City
Let’s Talk Cities: Fifteen of the Best Urbanism Quotes
From growth to zoning to nature to technology, these quotes explore fifteen opinions on the future of our cities. Do you have a favourite city quote?
Helsinki's New Plan To Eliminate Car Ownership
A new mobility on demand system will allow people to instantly call up a bus, car, or bike through one connected app.
06/26/2014 L'Atelier Disruptive Innovation
Smart Local Warming Designed to Avoid Heat Waste
Researchers at MIT have developed a system of individual heating in buildings, whereby warmth is beamed on to each individual person. The invention has the potential to revolutionise climate control in buildings and help optimise energy efficiency.
Connecting data and technology for smarter transport systems
Emerging technologies, together with big data, are tools that allow us to better plan our cities and revolutionize the efficiency and quality of our transport systems.
3 Reasons Chicago’s Analytics Could be Coming to Your City
Chicago CIO Brenna Berman discusses the city's SmartData platform, which provides a template for local governments to craft predictive analytics systems of their own.
04/29/2014 LSE Cities
Configuring Light/ Staging the Social
Light is a material through which we organise social space; it is the infrastructure of everyday life, entering into the ways in which social life and interaction is staged and enacted in specific social worlds.


Discussion with Philipp Rode - What is the role for cities in the energy transition ?

Conversation with Philipp Rode, Executive Director of LSE Cities presents the three main topics of his intervention about the rôle of cities in the energy transition : (1)connexions between environmental policy and economic development, (2) land-use and transport with the case studies of Hong Kong and Copenhaguen, energy and (3) electric mobility with the case studies of London and Berlin.