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New urban trends

Events - from 06 June to 8 June 2016

The international seminar of La Fabrique de la Cité will be held in Boston. Its main focus will be on "mobility hubs". How is Boston driving its urban development? The different programs launched by the city such as "Boston living with water" and "Imagine Boston 2030" program, the planning of South Boston, the programs of the "i-team", will be explored during this seminar. We will benefit also from the insights of several academics on the weak signals that are showing the leverages of urban transformation.

Who are the new urban game changers?

Films - 06/07/2016

The democratization of new technologies has revolutionized the balance between urban actors. The examples of Boston and mobile app Bos:311 show how digital technologies allow for greater civil society involvement and for a move from a top-down approach to a city with a multitude of bottom-up approaches. Beyond these new opportunities for a more participatory city, new technologies also raise new challenges for public authorities, which must learn to adapt to a rapidly-changing world.

The Roxbury Innovation Center, a Bostonian game-changer

Films - 06/07/2016

Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood is home to a paradox, at once the setting of an emerging, innovative startup ecosystem, and the district with the highest unemployment rate in the city. Roxbury’s residents originate from the various waves of immigration experienced by Boston, fostering cultural diversity. However, both the high unemployment rates and the recent gentrification of the area are driving away the local population. Alessandra Brown, director of the Roxbury Innovation Center, tells us about her work to develop entrepreneurship in Roxbury and support local businesses.


Boston Focus

Boston is home to some of the most prestigious universities among the US, MIT and Harvard, is recognized as one of largest innovation cluster in the world. Pioneer in the field of digital uses in urbanism, the city is now trying to answer with the same creativity to its resilience issues. Strongly impacted by the sea level rise and designated as the most segregated city in the United States, Boston has to reinvent itself in order to maintain its dynamism. The city is an ideal environment for the international seminar of La Fabrique de la Cité in 2016 which focused on new urban trends



What’s In A Public Space?

Pokémon Go superimposed a new layer over tangible, preexisting public spaces. No one seems quite sure of the rules applicable to this virtual space, but there’s more: the game ignores, and thus challenges, the uses traditionally assigned to public spaces, as parks become hunting grounds, monuments turn into PokéStops, and the limits between private and public property are gleefully overlooked.


MIT Mobile Experience Laboratory

La Fabrique de la Cité is conducting a workshop in close collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Mobile Experience Lab on the evolution of lifestyles and its impact on urban transformation. Professor Federico Casalegno is the principal investigator, and he will lead the international observatory that La Fabrique de la Cité and MIT Mobile Experience Lab have decided to launch.


Data to improve cities : Boston

Jascha Franklin-Hodge, CIO of the City of Boston and David Block-Schachter, CTO at the MBTA, discuss the opportunities offered by Big Data through pioneering experiments implemented by the city of Boston. Predictive analysis, policy-making based on citizen demands, and flexibility of the transport network are all areas in which Boston was able to create pioneering applications such as CityScore or Bos311. But data is most importantly an opportunity for public actors to test innovative policies over short time scales. However, data collection also presents new security and privacy challenges.

How can we build a resilient city?

As a port on the Eastern seaboard, Boston is particularly exposed to anticipate global warming and rising sea levels. Although not affected by Hurricane Sandy, the city is well aware of the risks at hand, and has chosen to make resilience one of its priorities. In this film, Senior Waterfront Planner for the Boston Redevelopment Authority Chris Busch discusses the city’s various responses. Consultation with local stakeholders and modular buildings are just some of the projects implemented by the city in order to live with, rather than against, water.