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How to improve daily mobility ?

Films - 10/03/2014

Solutions for optimizing transport systems and making them more effective and comfortable for users have emerged all over the world. Zoom in South America in Mexico and Bogota and in Singapore.

What tools can we use to optimise the city?

Events - from 02 July to 4 July 2014

La Fabrique de la Cité has decided to hold this year's international seminar in Lisbon, a city hit hard by the crisis but which is nevertheless finding new sources of innovation and development.

Innovate using data. What new services for cities and city dwellers?

Events - 03 December 2014

Second phase of the discussion series launched by La Fabrique de la Cité on urban data's potential for transforming cities. What new services have been created for city residents using urban data? What partnership models is this development based on? And how does it align with a global innovation strategy?

TUBÀ, Lyon


"What tools can we use to optimise the city?" Lisbon Seminar Overview

While the challenges faced by cities become increasingly complex to resolve, they also have fewer and fewer resources with which to do so. This apparent paradox can however become an additional source of motivation and innovation. Optimising the use of local natural resources (water, energy and space), making optimum use of existing infrastructures (buildings, roads and networks) and extracting maximum value from constantly diminishing financial resources: these are the big challenges now faced by our cities


New forms of mobility in outlying urban areas

Public transport is often praised for its efficiency in the centre of major cities. But it can also be an appropriate solution for facilitating mobility in outlying urban areas. In any case, this was the conclusion arrived at in the study carried out by Carbone 4 for La Fabrique de la Cité (The City Factory).

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Modular Greenhouses: The Next Big Thing In Urban Farming?
California-based company Cityblooms brings urban farming to a complete new level through a series of smart mini-farms that are connected and controlled through the Internet.
01/06/2015 MIT Technology Review
Hundreds of Portuguese Buses and Taxis Are Also Wi-Fi Routers
A massive mobile Wi-Fi network that could be a model for many cities was launched in the city of Porto, Portugal, this fall. Buses and taxis are equipped with routers that serve as mobile Wi-Fi hot spots for tens of thousands of riders. The routers also collect data from the vehicles—and from sensors on trash bins around the city—and relay it back to city offices to help with civic planning.
Data Quality Predictions for 2015
The champagne has been drunk, the mince pies are eaten and we’re packing away the Christmas baubles for another year. After a well-earned rest, thousands of businesses are returning to face the challenges that the New Year will bring to their business, and that means refocusing efforts on quality, usable data.


Citizen's role in transforming cities

Developing urban co-construction and getting a better grasp of citizens' needs and behavior using information and communication technologies are the two crucial issues of the citizens' role in transforming the city.