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19 - 26 September

Cerisy Colloquium - Resilient Cities and Territories

From September 19 to 26, La Fabrique de la Cité is co-organizing with the Institut Veolia a colloquium on the theme "Resilient cities and territories" in Cerisy. Confronted with globalization, cities and territories are questioning their adaptability to the changes of the contemporary world. The symposium focuses on the transformation of urban spaces, lifestyles, learning capacities and forms of governance ensuring sustainable and dynamic equilibrium in such a context. La Fabrique de la Cité brings its expertise on the city, notably through the intervention of Cécile Maisonneuve on the subject of urban resilience in the face of migratory flows. Its contribution will also be made in an unconventional way through design thinking workshops, the aim of which is to elicit a collective reflection on the design and implementation of innovative initiatives to better accommodate refugees in the heart cities.

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