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European Cities and Refugees: a Laboratory for Affordable Housing and Urban Resilience to Future Crises

La Fabrique de la Cité
12/04/2017 - From asylum-seeking to city-making: asylum seekers and refugees in European cities

How have European cities –and specifically, German and Swedish cities, managed to offer housing to the thousands of asylum-seekers who flocked to their gates beginning in 2015? How are they now drawing on the knowledge born of the challenge of temporary housing provision to solve their affordable housing shortage?

In February 2017, La Fabrique de la Cité launched a transnational, interdisciplinary research project on the resilience of European cities to the demographic shock that arose out of the arrival of countless asylum-seekers fleeing Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan starting in 2015. The conclusions of this work are presented in a report which, by presenting insight into the solutions deployed in Berlin, Hamburg, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Munich, and Dresden, offers a practical guide for cities faced with similar challenges.

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