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One City, Many Timelines (interactive content)

La Fabrique de la Cité
09/26/2016 - New urban trends

How can city people serve the people’s city ? What innovations can cities implement in order to improve quality of life for their inhabitants? How can cities promote urban resilience in the face of long-term economic, social, and climate risks ?

  Confronted with a demographic boom, growing economic inequalities, rising sea levels, and obsolescent infrastructure, Boston is now forced to answer these pressing questions, and, in the process, is becoming a pioneer of urban innovation.

  How does the state capital of Massachusetts illustrate new urban trends ? How does it reconcile the longer timeframe of political decision-making and infrastructure with the immediacy of new technologies and urban data ?

Browse interactively all the possible solutions debated during our International Seminar on 6-8 June 2016 in Boston on our dedicated website!

The event

New urban trends
International seminar - from 06 June to 8 June 2016 - Boston